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Scottish Salmon Adventure 2018

We have been fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Scotland. Although the same species, each country; their people and their very own tradition/culture in fishing for salmon is very unique. We couldn’t say which country is our favourite. We just know we wouldn’t like to miss out in fishing for salmon in all of those countries. So if you haven’t fished for salmon in Scotland yet or want to go back….join Silja for a week salmon-fishing on the Tay next year in may.

Scotland- Salmon- a wee little dram…It is a lifetime fishing experience. 

Come and join us on our annual Scottish Salmon Adventure to the mighty river Tay. We will be fishing on two very productive beats on the middle Tay. The trip includes 6 days fishing (mon-sat), full-board accommodation and transfer to and fro Edinburgh airport and between the beats. While we others have to slave in the BFF-office, Silja will be hosting the trip and will give guidance in practical salmon-fishing tactics as well as hints and tips with practical casting issues. You just have to come, relax and enjoy the scottish way of salmon fishing. Let’s get out there!

Please contact:  for a brochure, prices and further information.


Spring Salmonfishing on the river Tay

We have started our salmon season early this year and took advantage of the early opening of the salmon season in Scotland. We fished the river Tay and the river Dee. Two very different rivers in fishing and character. On the river Tay we have been fishing 2 beats: The Dalmarnock Beat and the Kercock Beat and on the river Dee we have been fishing The Dess Beat. We would like to take the chance in presenting all 3 beats one at a time. To give you an impression of the water and how a daily routine fishing for salmon in Scotland looks like – it is quite different than how we fish for salmon in Scandinavia.

The salmon season on the Tay opens on 15th January and a few fresh fish enter the system, but come March rising water temperatures encourage the Springers (10kg’ish with an occasional 15kg monster) to enter the system and run upstream in larger numbers. Like many other rivers the Tay is beginning to notice a change in cycles; “traditionally” a late season river, statistics show that the spring proportion of the total catch on the Tay is increasing year on year with last year’s catch being 30 % of the total!


To catch one of those Springers we fished the Dalmarnock Beat. A beautiful stretch of water. The river meandering through the picturesque Tay valley surrounded by fields and forest. The water of the Tay is clear, “gurgling” by and having the colour of a nice and tasty “dram”. The current flows even and makes it ever so easy to fish the fly like it should- hence you just have to stand in the water and let the river do the job for you ?


The beat is 3 miles long, double bank fishing and has 15 named pools. Easy wading through out. A good number of the pools can be fished with the fly in early spring high-water. You don’t have to be an expert distance caster to fish Dalmarnock. Some of the hottest pools are lying right underneath the bank. Others can be actively fished in comfortable casting distance. It varies of course all on the pool and water level. However, the Tay is one of the Big  4 salmon rivers in Scotland and at Dalmarnock the river is approx. between 40-50m wide. So a mediocre long distance cast would be most handy.

What tackle did I use? Well I used nothing else than an ECHO King 13’#10, an ECHO F.I.S.T Skagit Shooting Head 660gr and an OPST Tip 132gr sink 2/3 Riffle. The Float-Intermediate-Sink Skagit Shootinghead in combination with the OPST Tip 132gr Run is a fabulous set up, lying solid in the water and easy to cast.

To sum it all up: Dalmarnock is a superb beat with exciting pools, easy casting, easy wading and definitely worth a” fishing” if you want to fish the Tay. Not to forget  ghillie Colin Mcfadyen, the soul of the beat and making you feel ever so welcome. Cheers for a lovely day Colin and Sandy and Sam.

If you are interested in going with us onto a Scottish Salmon-fishing Adventure in Spring 2018 where we are going to fish the Dalmarnock Beat drop us a mailto:


Everything you need to know about OPST Commando Heads – The Film

We get quite a few questions regarding OPST commando heads and we were even considering compiling a really exciting article to answer them (a sort of OPST-Commando FAQ) when we bumped across this very informative and humorous film about OPST Commando Heads.

The film has been made by Oliver Sutro, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

If you still have any questions regarding OPST commando heads after watching the film then drop us a message.


One for All – The ECHO OHS

Tim Rajeff sent me a sample OHS (One Hand Spey) back last summer, and I used it for salmon in the spate streams of western Ireland last Autumn. I liked it, sure, but it wasn’t until a recent “boy’s trip” to the coast that the versatility of this rod really sunk in.

On the first day we had an off-land wind so casting was a no brainer. I just spent the day enjoying 1hand and 2hand micro-skagiting along the coast looking for a sea trout willing enough to take one of my coastal intruder’s. The next day, however, was totally different with a strong wind blowing over the left shoulder, a nasty little 50cm wave and loads of dead eel grass floating around making it a pain in the ++** to cast Skagit style. So I switched to casting 1hand overhead (same line, same tip, same fly, nothing changed, just the cast) and it went like a bomb – lift, back-cast (slowly does it) 1haul and OUT!  Tick in the box for that so I thought I’d give 2hand overhead a go and after a short “power-adjustment-period” (I was casting tailing loops because I was applying to much power with the lower hand) ‘got that sorted and I was away. Moving along the coast just out of the wind, the wave wasn’t so high, allowing me to set an anchor and skagit cast. I did a 2hand poke, 1hand poke, 1hand overhead, 2hand overhead and finally a perry off-the wrong shoulder in 5 consecutive castsall with the same rod, same line, same tip, same fly. Nothing absolutely nothing was changed on the setup, just the cast!

Now that’s what I call versatility! Awesome!

Boys trip coastal OHS set up:

  • ECHO OHS 10’4” #7
  • ECHO 7/9 ION Reel
  • OPST Commando 300gr
  • OPST Micro-Tip 5ft S2
  • OPST Lazar 30lb

I get my hands on a lot of rods during a year and I try and use all of the ECHO models at some time during the season but it’s been a long time since I have been so enthusiastic about a set up; for me the ECHO OHS combined with a Commando head is the essence of versatility, a perfect combination! Put another way its brilliant, absolutely f’ing brilliant!


All pictures by Simon Barg

Guided Seatrout Adventure – the Danish way


Are you dreaming of fishing for sea trout (sea-run brown trout) on the island of Bornholm, Denmark?

Well now you have the opportunity to join Pro Guides Silja Longhurst and Bjarke Borup Bornholmfiskeguide on a fantastic guided fly fishing adventure on the island Bornholm in late April.- Viking style!

The island of Bornholm is at the far eastern geographical reaches of Denmark, and has earned global fame for its excellent sea trout fishery. The island has a very healthy population of sea trout; they reproduce naturally in streams and small rivers, thus no hatchery fish, which is quite unique in Denmark. Its raw and pristine natural environment is a stunning place to be in – and to fish!

The southern part of Bornholm has flat sandy beaches interrupted by productive sea trout territory such as points, reefs and slopes. In some areas good fishing spots are aligned like pearls on a string. Northern Bornholm is comprised of stunning and rugged cliffs with lots of fishing spots, and very deep water close to the shore in some places. Towards the east and west of the island you will find a mix of the above. These varied conditions and environments provide enticing opportunities for some challenging sea trout fishing.

Hopefully you will have time to try it all…. wading in a calm sea on a flat shale reef fishing for lively spring sea trout. Or wading on slippery boulders in strong winds; the locals called this ‘the Bornholm Calm Sea’, i.e. one meter waves!



One thing is certain; we plan our days on the water according to weather conditions. Fortunately Bornholm is a small island, and we can quickly find a place to fish almost regardless of wind and weather conditions.

We will take you to some of the spots that usually produce fish this time of the year, and show you how to fish the different spots effectively!

We promise to do everything we possibly can, so that you may enjoy a great trip with like-minded fishing aficionados.

For further information and booking please email to:

Silja Longhurst:

Bjarke Borup :


Snart er det Jul…

Og snart starter den næste fiskesæson.  Hvorfor ikke give din kære eller bedste ven en Gavekort til en kasteundervisning med en certificeret Fluekasteinstruktør eller en guided fluefisketour med en certificeret Fiskeguide.

Silja Longhurst copyright by Johannes Arlt

Silja Longhurst copyright by Johannes Arlt

Jeg tilbyder professionel kasteundervisning i både 1 og 2 Hånds- til begynder og den øvede fluefisker.

Hvis det skulle være lidt mere end bare et par timers undervisning, tilbyder jeg også guidet fisketur efter Brakvandsgedder og Atlantiske Laks.



  • 2 timers kasteundervisning 800 dkr (1 Person) plus evt. transport
  • 1 dags guided Fisketour efter Brakvandsgedde 2000dkr (op til 2 Personer)
  • 1 uges Luxus-Lakseferie i Scottland 18.000 Dkr


Send mig en mail for at høre nærmere, så sætter vi noget sammen. Mulighederne er mange.

Tight Lines


Rethinking Flyfishing – Skagit

We just have to admit it, leaving politics aside, there is a lot of funky stuff coming over from the USA. Pulsing over the big ocean a rather new “flyfishing- movement” has hit the shore of Europe. An alternative movement which is in the mids of “reinventing” flyfishing or at least how we have perceived flyfishing over the last few decades. Rethinking flytackle and it’s practical use: a never-ending-story ?



We are of course talking about SKAGIT.

Skagit has it’s origin in steelhead fishing; chucking big flies and heavy sink tips into the deep holding places of the winter steelhead.


Conventional tackle consisting of a 15ft rod and a long speyline or scandi head would of course do the job but for the occasional fishermen it was extremely hard work if not frustrating or even impossible to master.

The Skagit journey and its development started in the early 1990’s when the likes of Mike Kinney, Scott O’Donnell, Scott Howell, Jerry French, Mike McCune and last but not least Ed Ward were busy chopping and splicing, hard at work developing what would eventually evolve into today’s Skagit Lines.  These guides new that time had come to optimise spey casting, in winter conditions, with large outsized flies, not for experts like themselves but for Mr Joe Average caster. The short belly approach was underway, the revolution had begun… these guys were just about to “Skagitize” the world.

Back in the “90’s” a standard Skagit kit would be based on a 14ft or even 15ft rod. Now a typical Skagit rod is somewhere between 11ft and 13ft, with a head from 3.5m to 6.5m long and weighing between 150gr and 750gr. Skagit has rocketed forward from an “undercover” style to become the most en vogue new 2 Handed fishing style on the globe. In less than 25 years! But its not just a fashion or a flash in the pan. Its much much more – its a motor too, a motor driving the industry to develop cutting edge products. Its probably the biggest revolution that Spey fishing has seen since the introduction of “underhand” casting in the 1980’s!


Skagit is a style which can be easily adapted to other kinds of flyfishing. Ever thought of rethinking your fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Huchen, or even your single handed fishing for sea trout, or bass, or pike or (God forbid) even dryfly fishing? It is possible and is amazing.

Stay tuned if you are ready to rethink your game and if you are eager to know more about Skagit. Lean yourself back, get comfortable with a nice cuppa and a Christmas cookie and feed your brain with our upcoming Skagit articles:

“The Jazz about- Skagit Casting” and
“Micro Skagit- the short revolution”.


Santa and Rudolf

Exclusive Salmon Adventure

We are happy to announce that under our partnership with Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery (SSFS) BalticFlyfisher is able to offer you the unique opportunity to experience some excellent guided early season spring salmon fishing on the world-famous River Tay in March 2017.


The River Tay is Scotland’s longest salmon river and from its source way up on the slopes of Ben Lui it makes its way East through the Highlands before entering the sea close to Dundee. At 188km (117miles) the River Tay is only the seventh longest in the UK but measured by discharge (m³) it is by far the largest river.

The salmon season on the Tay opens on 15th January and even as early as this a few fresh fish enter the system, but come March rising water temperatures encourage the Springers to enter the system and run upstream in larger numbers many of them at and around the 10kg mark, with an occasional 15kg monster. Like many other rivers Tay is beginning to notice a change in cycles; “traditionally” a late season river, statistics show that the spring proportion of the total catch on the Tay is increasing year on year with this year’s catch being 30 % of the total!


Your trip will encompass six days salmon fishing as well as seven nights accommodation. You will have the chance to fish exclusively on three of the most productive beats on the river maximizing your chance of connecting with that hard fighting early season… bar of silver.

The Trip will be hosted by Flyfishing Woman Silja Longhurst; World Championships Competition Speycaster, Certified Angling Guide and IFFF Certified Flycasting Instructor. You will also have the services of an experienced Ghillie whose local knowledge of the water and conditions will be invaluable.

The Tay is a superb destination to catch spring salmon as it has the strongest run of any river in Scotland. Why not start your 2017 salmon season earlier next year and come and join us on the Tay in March?

Interested? Then please contact me ( for detailed information and a copy of our brochure.


BalticFlyfisher meets Scottish Salmon Adventure



BalticFlyfisher is happy to announce that from season 2017 we are starting a new business relationship with Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery– better known as “SSFS“. SSFS offers tailored made salmon fishing holidays on many of Scotland’s finest and most exclusive salmon rivers.


The same as we are at BalticFlyfisher, SSFS is a family run business and was founded by husband and wife team Sandy and Samantha Datta, two ultimate salmon fishing nerds. SSFS started out as being a solely dedicated online salmon fishing magazine – Scotland’s only dedicate salmon fishing magazine. Soon the magazine became so popular and is now read in over 61 countries worldwide. Sandy and Samantha’s knowledge about fishing for salmon in Scotland as well as their network soon made them a sought-after contact: Where to fish for salmon? Which river was fishing well? How to get in contact to fish a certain Beat? The path was given and since 2015 the couple are offering bespoke tailored salmon fishing holidays.

Samantha Datta

Sandy Datta


We at BalticFlyfisher love the passion which lies behind Sandy’ and Samantha’s concept and our collaboration with SSFS will underline the notion of BalticFlyfisher being Europe’s #1 Skagit and Speycentre. Our goal is to make your fishing experience a better one and being professional about fly fishing and fly casting has just been enriched by SSFS.


We are looking forward to the next Salmon season. Did you know, it already starts in January- well at least in Scotland it does 😉 We will be back with some updates shortly. Until then, you can dream of the “Ultimate Scottish Salmon Fishing Experience” by SSFS and BalticFlyfisher  –  2 fishing families.


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