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Casting a fly line is a form of art. Seeing an expert controlling 25 metres of line with little effort and seeing it whizz out in a straight line to land lightly on the surface of the water is like seeing magic. The whole thing is governed by timing, feel, rhythm and the controlled release of energy.

We at Balticflyfisher offer high end casting instruction and are FFI and AAPGAI Certified Casting Instructors:

Silja Longhurst -FFI CI and THCI

Lasse KarlssonFFI MCI, THCI and AAPGAI MCI



BFF Course Program

We offer a whole variety of professional fly-casting instruction for beginners, as well as intermediates and more experienced fly-casters. We are also offering mentoring and training for the advanced caster for competitions or preparing for certification. Our courses are available for the Single handed as well as the Double handed fly-fishing aficionado, for groups and individuals.


Group course of 4 hours (min.3 and max.6 people) – 800Dkr/ 100Euro (per person)

Individual/ private session of 2 hours – 1.000Dkr/ 120Euro


Casting course-  Micro Skagit

We offer presentations and Demos for your club or association as well as unique weekend -course for cooperations and companies- please contact us to find out more.


How To Reach Us

If  you would like to find out more, or you would like to book
a course, then please click here for our contact form.

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